Costa Rica - Don Mayo - Finca Las Nacientes Kenya - Kiaria Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Chelelektu
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Price: $16.99
Price: $15.99
Finca Las Nacientes, Don Mayo Beneficio Kenya Kiaria Ethiopia Chelelektu
This micro lot coffee comes to us from Finca Las Nacientes from Hector Bonilla's Don Mayo Estate. Las Nacientes produces an extremely sweet balanced cup with beautiful pomegranate fruit flavors, soft caramel tones, and a sparkling acidity. Probably our favorite coffee origin, this Kenyan micro lot rocks. Loads of big stone fruit and Papaya flavors with a syrupy body. Jump on it! Sparking acidity and nicely fruited cup - perfect morning cup and versatile across brew methods. We also use this coffee in our espresso blend but it really shines as a SO espresso.