Columbian Huila - Monseratte Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Torea El Salvador Bourbon - Finca El Rosario
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Price: $15.99
Colombia Huila Monserrate Ethiopia Torea El Salvador El Rosario
This wonderful relationship coffee comes to us through Atlas importers.   Comprised of 42 members, this small holder producer group has produced a beautiful example of what a high quality washed Huila coffee should taste like.  

Each of the 42 member has their own de-pulping and fermentation set up, along with raised drying screens protected from the rain by parabolic roofs of transparent plastic. The drying areas are set up on a slight incline, so that both ends of the tunnel can be opened to allow airflow across the coffee.  Since every family contributes coffee for export, each fermentation and drying process has to be done perfectly, or it could compromise the entire shipment. Happily, the whole community takes great pride in their work, and the results show very nicely in the cup--delicate floral tones balanced by jellied wine grape sweetness and black cherry acidity.
Whistle clean classic Yirgacheffe flavor profile.  Meyer lemon, jasmine and sparkling acidity.  Who needs anything more? Our 5th year working with producer Miguel Menendez in Ahuachapan El Salvador. Beautiful preparation is reflected in a cup which is sweet, chocolaty and a nice creamy round body with accents of orange zest. Classic El Salvador Bourbon!