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 Bensa Segera is owned and operated by Heleanna Georgalis,  a fourth generation coffee professional.  Her father, Yiannis, founded the Moplaco coffee company in 1972.  After her father passed in 2008, Heleanna assumed responsibility for the farm and washing station.   With a keen attention to detail and a fondness for experimentation, Heleanna’s farm continuously  produces stunningly complex coffees and has provided stability, continuity and growth for Moplaco helping it to garner the respect and admiration as one of the finest coffee companies in Ethiopia.


Producer Information:
Location:                  Ethiopia
Region:                      Sidama
Farmer:                      Heleanna Georgalis, Bensa Segera Washing Station
Coffee varieties:   Ethiopian Landraces
Processing:             Fully Washed
Altitude:                    2,100 -2,300 Meters above sea level


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