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We are happy to offer a first ever coffee from Mexico for Plowshares!   We have been watching the specialty coffee movement evolve in Mexico over the past few years and we have decided now is the time to jump in and share these exciting coffees with our customers.

Monte Alban is the 1000-year-old Zapotec ruin that can be seen from the coffee farms that are hidden in the mountains surrounding the area.  Monte Alban is located near the city of Oaxaca which is a revered culinary hot spot in Mexico with a food culture greatly influenced and perfected by the long and complex history of the region.

As one of the earliest Meso-American urban centers of the classical period, the site was at its peak of importance between 200-600 AD but fell into decline around 800 AD.  The Zapotec were an advanced ancient culture that made many developments in the area of astronomy, writing and even medicine.   After their mysterious abandonment, the site was used by other groups including the Mixtec,  who on recognizing the site as spiritually significant, used it for burials.

The long and complicated history of this place really does create a sense of magic, a joining of the past to the presence through culture, artifacts and delicious coffee. Coffee growers from this region have been producing coffee for more than three generations in a very traditional and mostly organic way. Our partners at Caravela Coffee have been working with very small communities to help them certify their farms and add value to their product.

In their coffee, we taste notes of ripe melon, vanilla, honey and almonds.

Producer Information:
Location:                   Mexico
Region:                       Oaxaca
Coffee varieties:   Typica · Bourbon
Processing:              Fully Washed
Altitude:                    1,300 – 1,900 Meters above sea level



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