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El Guayacan, grown in Andes of Northern Peru, is an incredibly clean and complex coffee.  The cup boasts ample sweetness lightly punctuated with notes of floral citrus.    El Guayacan is the pinnacle of quality in Peruvian coffee.

The producers of Cajamarca have collectively focused upon improving quality, increasing productivity, and advocating for fair trade.   Although this is one of the largest coffee growing regions in Peru, it is also beset by some of the poorest conditions in the country.  Through it’s focus and determination, the cooperative now enables the smallholder farmers to produce extraordinary coffee in an environment perfectly suited for high altitude specialty coffee while also offering fair compensation for their work.  This coffee has a crisp acidity and depth of complexity in it’s chocolate-like sweetness and subtle floral qualities.

Producer Information:
PRODUCER: Aprocassi Cooperative
REGION: Cajamarca
ALTITUDE: 1,600-2,000 Meters
VARIETY: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
PROCESS: Fully Washed


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