Plowshares began roasting specialty coffee in Hillburn, New York in 2008 when the number of quality focused roasters and retailers in the greater metropolitan area could be counted on one hand.  Since then we have built our business on a few simple but important tenets that have guided us through the years.    Dedication and pride in the quality and consistency of our coffee buying and roasting practices has allowed us to grow through the years from a fledgling wholesale roasting business to a well respected roasting and retail coffee company in New York City.

At Plowshares we know that occupying this spot in the coffee supply chain is a privelage afforded to us by great wholesale partners, dedicated retail customers, and hardworking coffee producers; all who entrust us with roasting their coffee.   It is with a tremendous sense humility and gratitude that we carry this responsibility.

As we move forward into our second decade we hope to continue to build on the strong foundation of sourcing truly unique and wonderful coffees, roasting them to unlock their true potential and building strong relationships and meaningful friendships as our journey continues.