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Blessed with very fertile volcanic soil, El Salvador is a tiny country but a perennial player in speciality coffee.  El Salvador is a top producer of high-quality coffee that is imported worldwide. Coffee exports help increase the country’s revenue and increase the country’s GDP.   Coffee is of great importance to El Salvador; a big part of Salvadoran history and culture is tied to coffee production. Also, coffee production helps with the economy, creates jobs, and protects the environment.  The densely forested coffee-producing areas have to be protected and maintained. This will ensure the continued production of high-quality beans and the protection of the ecosystem.  If the coffee plantations disappear, the nearby primary forests would be in danger of disappearing as well.

Los Chelazos is a blend of coff­ees from two main cantons: Citalá and La Palma, both of these are part of the Montecristo Trifinio, a tri-border national park shared between El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Designated as a biosphere reserve in 2011, this is a protected area of incredibly rich bio-diversity.

We taste stone fruit (plum), orange/tangerine, caramel.

Producer Information:

Location:                   El Salvador
Region:                       Citalá and La Palma
Coffee varieties:   Pacamara, Bourbon, Pacas, Catuai
Processing:              Fully Washed
Altitude:                    1,500 – 1,800 Meters above sea level



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