Support Small Business – Plowshares COVID-19 Relief

Hello Friends,

We are asking for your immediate help via our GoFundMe page.

The COVID-19 public health crisis is real and already reeking havoc on small businesses across our country.  Plowshares Coffee in New York City is one of those small businesses.   In order to slow transmission of COVID-19, it is inevitable that we must suspend  business operations for an indefinite amount of time to limit our exposure to one another in order to keep our employees and community safe,  and help flatten the transmission curve to protect the greater health care system.

This of course comes at enormous personal cost for us as business owners and the members of our team who are the face of our business.  No revenue coming in to pay employees, vendors, rent, health insurance,  is simply not part of the playbook.   With the lack of accessible and realistic public resources available to assist small businesses to weather this crisis, we are reaching out to the greater community for your immediate help and support.   We are committed to serving our local community and we plan to come out on the other side of this crisis stronger and with even greater resolve.   We are asking your help to provide some relief for our employees during this time and help us reopen once the storm has passed.   Any contribution you can make will make a tangible impact on realizing this goal.

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