Plowshares WiFi Availability by Location

At Plowshares we have partnered with GoGoGuest to implement a managed Wifi solution for our cafes.

At our Harlem location at 1351 Amsterdam Avenue we offer 3 hours of free WiFi with a purchase.   If you need more then 3 hours, we ask that you make a small purchase to get another 3 hours of WiFi after your initial term expires.

Our Upper West Side location is tiny by comparison with only a few tables so we offer more limited WiFi during non peak hours.    Weekday’s WiFi is available after 11:30 AM,  and you get 1 hour with your purchase.   Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days so WiFi availability begins a little later at 1PM.

Please ask for a receipt or choose email receipt if you would like use our WiFi – you will need it for the receipt code.

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